The Agora Signaling SDK is based on the TCP protocol and provides a stable messaging channel for you to implement real-time communication scenarios.

Agora has launched the Agora RTM (Real-time Messaging) SDK to provide more reliable, scalable, and global real-time messaging services. It is designed as a substitute for the Agora Signaling SDK. For more design information of the Agora RTM SDK, click here. To migrate from the legacy Signaling SDK to the Agora RTM SDK, see Signaling vs. Agora RTM SDK.


The Agora Signaling SDK enables the following functions:

  • 1-on-1 messages.
  • Channel messages.
  • Gets the user attributes
  • Gets the channel attributes
  • Gets the user list of the channel


The Agora Signaling SDK can be used in the following scenarios:

Industry Application
Live Broadcast
  • Comment streams
  • Chatroom
  • Send gifts
  • Likes
  • Maintenance of the live room status
  • Channel lists
  • Access control
  • Social Network
  • Private chat messages
  • Group messages
  • Voice/Video call invitation instructions
  • Education
  • Class group message
  • Private chat message
  • Whiteboard
  • Authority management (reward, raising a hand, like)
  • Game Gaming synchronization
    IoT Control messages


    • Quickstart Guides describe how to integrate the Agora Signaling SDK and provide short code snippets of common functions, such as sending point-to-point and channel messages.

    • API Reference lists the core methods and callbacks of the Agora Signaling SDK.