The Agora Signaling SDK is based on the TCP protocol and provides a stable messaging channel for you to implement real-time communication scenarios.


The Agora Signaling SDK provides the following functions:

  • 1-on-1 messages.
  • Channel messages.
  • Gets the user attributes
  • Gets the channel attributes
  • Gets the user list of the channel


The Agora Signaling SDK can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Broadcasting
    • Comment streams
    • Chatroom
    • Gifting, likes
    • Maintenance of the live room status
    • Channel lists
    • Access control
  • Social
    • Private chat messages
    • Group messages
    • Voice/Video call invitation instructions
  • Education
    • Class group message
    • Private chat message
    • Whiteboard
    • Authority management (reward, raising a hand, like)
  • Games
    • Gaming synchronization
  • Call Center
    • Compatible with the SIP protocol
  • IoT
    • Control messages


The Agora Signaling SDK provides the following features:

  • High concurrency
    • Supports concurrently sending a single channel a million times
  • High reliability
    • Service availability at 99.999%
  • Low latency
    • Average delay of 100 ms
  • Compatibility
    • Supports multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, macOS, windows, Linux, applets, and web browsers.
    • Supports Java, C++ on the server side


  • Quickstart Guides on how to deploy and use the Agora Signaling SDK, to complete various tasks, such as sending text messages and making a call.

  • API Reference lists the API methods of the Agora Signaling SDK.