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Product overview


Agora Analytics tracks and interprets the usage, quality, and performance of real-time voice and video. Analytics is an extension for Agora’s Voice Calling, Video Calling, Broadcast Streaming and Interactive Live Streaming that helps to locate quality issues, find root causes, and fix issues to improve the end user experience. Agora Analytics provides RESTful APIs to retrieve the statistics of your calls and use them in your own application

Product Features

Call Inspector

Identify, analyze, and respond to performance quality issues with advanced search, detailed visibility into call and user metrics, and diagnostics.

Data Insights

Provides periodic call usage and quality statistics. It is designed to help customers understand the usage and quality of calls in apps.

Real Time Monitoring

Visualized data for multiple call metrics in real time.

Alert notifications

Sends alerts to you when abnormal metrics or events are detected in your Agora projects.


Use RESTful APIs to retrieve call statistics and quality of experience metrics, use them in your own application or DataOps workflow.


Easily embed Agora Analytics pages in internal web portals using a low-code approach.