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Product overview

Flexible Classroom

Flexible Classroom is a low-code solution that allows you to rapidly build scalable online classrooms of any size. With a modular design including the Voice SDK, Video SDK, Signaling SDK, Interactive Whiteboard SDK, and Cloud Recording, Flexible Classroom empowers developers to build online education apps more quickly with low code.

Product Features


Easily support one-to-one, small groups, or very large, collaborative lecture halls based on your business requirements.

Branding and design

Deploy an online classroom solution that is custom-branded and designed.

Flexible customization

Tailor features and business logic to best suit your needs, whether on web, desktop, or mobile.

Classroom management

Easily manage classrooms and events, recordings, public resources, and user roles and permissions.

Security and data privacy

Agora is certified to the ISO and SOC 2 information security standards and meets privacy regulations like GDPR.

Attendance and engagement tracking

Track student attendance and monitor online participation like hand raise, live polling, pop-up quizzes, and whiteboard annotation.