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This article provides basic information about the Interactive Whiteboard SDK RESTful API.


All requests are sent to the domain named

Data format

The Content-Type field in all HTTP request headers is application/json. All requests and responses are in JSON format. All request URLs and request bodies are case-sensitive.

Agora's server for the whiteboard service will allow more data formats but cannot guarantee full compatibility. If all request parameters are filled in correctly, but the request still fails, please check the data format of the request.

Core features

The Interactive Whiteboard SDK RESTful API provides the following features:

Status codes

All possible response status codes are listed in the table below:

  • If the status code is 200 or 201, the request is successful.

  • If the status code is not 200 or 201, the request fails. The response body includes a message field that describes the reason for the failure.

Response status codeStatusDescription
200OKThe request is successful, and the server returns the requested data.
201CreatedThe request is successful, and the server creates or modifies the requested data.
400Invalid requestThe user's request has an error, and the server does not create or modify any data.
401UnauthorizedThe user does not have permission (the token is incorrect).
403ForbiddenThe user has permission (contrary to 401), but is denied access to perform the requested operation.
404Not foundThe server cannot find the requested resource.
500Internal server errorThe server encounters an error and cannot process the request.