The Agora Native SDK for Voice Call enables easy and convenient one-to-one or one-to-many voice-only calls. With a small SDK package size, the Agora Native SDK for Voice Call is applicable to a variety of recreational and business activities.

The difference between an Agora Voice Call and Agora Voice Interactive Broadcast is:

  • An Agora Voice Call prioritizes fluency and low latency. All users are the same role and can talk to each other freely. A typical scenario of an Agora Voice Call is a voice conference call for many persons.
  • An Agora Voice Interactive Broadcast prioritizes high voice quality. Users can be the host or audience, where only the host can talk. A user who wants to talk must change the role to a host. A typical scenario of the Agora Voice Interactive Broadcast is an online trivia game.

Functions and Scenarios

The Agora Native SDK for Voice Call boasts a flexible combination of functions for different scenarios.

Function Description Scenario
Audio Mixing Sends the local and online audio with the user's voice to other audience members in the channel.
  • Online KTV.
  • Interactive music classes.
  • Play the Sound Effect Files Enables developers to play specific sound effect files, adjust the volume, and set the playback position of the sound effect files. Online chess or card games.
    Adjust the Pitch Adjusts the pitch and uses the equalization and reverberation modes.
  • Online KTV.
  • To change the voice in an online chatroom.
  • Enable Two-channel/High-quality Sound Mode Enables the two-channel and the high-quality sound mode.
  • Online music classes.
  • FM applications.
  • Modify the Raw Data Enables developers to obtain and modify the raw voice data to create special effects, such as a voice change. To change the voice in an online voice chatroom.

    Key Properties

    Property Agora Voice Call Specifications
    SDK Package Size 3.69 MB to 7.75 MB
    Audio Profile
  • Sample rate: 16 KHz to 48 KHz
  • Support for mono and stereo sound
  • Audio Anti-packet-loss Rate 70% (uplink and downlink)


    The Agora Native SDK for Voice Call is supported on platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, Web, and WeChat mini-programs, and allows for cross-platform connections. The following is a list of supported platforms and their versions.

    Platform Supported Version


    The Android SDK supports the following architecture:

    • ARMv7
    • ARM64
    • X86

    iOS 8.0+
    Windows XP SP3+
    macOS 10.0+
    WeChat Mini-programs Support
    • Chrome 58+
    • Firefox 56+
    • Safari 11+
    • Opera 45+
    • QQ 10+
    • 360 Security Browser 9.1+