Agora provides ensured quality of experience (QoE) for worldwide Internet-based voice and video communications through a virtual global network optimized for real-time web and mobile-to-mobile applications.

  • The RtcEngine class provides the main methods that can be invoked by your application.
  • The IRtcEngineEventHandler class enables callback event notifications to your application.

The RtcEngine class

Core Service

Core Audio

Core Video

Audio Routing Controller

In-ear Monitor

Miscellaneous Audio Control

Audio Sound Effect

Audio Mixing

Audio Effect Playback

Audio Recorder

Network Related Test

Custom Video Module

External Video Data (Push-mode Only)

External Audio Data (Push-mode Only)

Raw Audio Data


Stream Fallback

Dual Video Mode


Inject Stream URL

CDN Publisher

Data Stream

Miscellaneous Video Control

Camera Control

Miscellaneous Methods

Customized Methods

The IRtcEngineEventHandler class

Core Events

Media Events

Fallback Events

Device Events

Statistics Events

Audio Player Events

CDN Publisher Events

Inject Stream URL Events

Stream Message Events

Raw Audio Data Observer

Miscellaneous Events