sendCustomReportMessage method Null safety

Future<void> sendCustomReportMessage(
  1. String id,
  2. String category,
  3. String event,
  4. String label,
  5. int value

@nodoc This function is in the beta stage with a free trial. The ability provided in its beta test version is reporting a maximum of 10 message pieces within 6 seconds, with each message piece not exceeding 256 bytes and each string not exceeding 100 bytes. To try out this function, contact and discuss the format of customized messages with us.


Future<void> sendCustomReportMessage(
    String id, String category, String event, String label, int value) {
  return _invokeMethod('sendCustomReportMessage', {
    'id': id,
    'category': category,
    'event': event,
    'label': label,
    'value': value,