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This page introduces the usage limits of Chat, including limits to the user, the message, the group, the chatroom and the call limit of the server APIs.

User attributes

The user attributes UserInfo Includes the user avatar, nickname, email address, and so on. The total length of the user information for one user must be 2 KB or less, and the total length for all users under an app must be within 10 GB or less.

Message length

The length limits of the different types of messages are as follows:

Message typeLength limitRelated API
Text message5 KBcreateTxtSendMessage
Image message10 MB
Voice message10 MB
Video message10 MB
File message10 MB
Transparent transmission message5 KBcreateSendMessage
Customized extended messageThe size of the extended message must not exceed that of the original message.createSendMessage
Customized message5 KBcreateSendMessage

Group attributes

When a group createGroup is created, the length limits of the group information are as follows:

  • Group name: 128 characters or less

  • Group description: 512 characters or less

  • Group extension information: 1024 characters or less

Chatroom attributes

When a chatroom createChatRoom is created, the length limits of the chatroom information are as follows:

  • Chatroom name: 128 characters or less

  • Chatroom description: 512 characters or less

RESTful API Call limit of server-side

The RESTful API call frequency limit of each method varies. For details about each method, see Chat RESTful API Reference.

If the provided call frequency limit cannot meet your business requirements, contact

Enable and configure Chat

Before using Chat, you need to enable and configure the Chat service at Agora Console.


Before enabling the Chat service, make sure that you have the following:

Subscribe & enable the Chat service

  • Log in to the Agora Console.

  • In the left navigation bar, click Project Management and click Config for the project that you want to use.

  • In the Features section of the Edit Project page, click Enable next to Chat to enable the service.

If this is the first Project under this CID that enables Chat, you need to select and subscribe a proper Chat package.

When enabling Chat service, you need to select a data center closest to where most of your end users are located.

Once the Chat service is enabled, you are redirected to the Chat config page. You can then enable the below advanced features of Chat based on your business requirements.

For details about these advanced features, see the following:

Get the information of the Chat project

Agora Console assigns the following information to each project that enables the Chat service:

  • Data Center : Agora provides several data centers for the service in different regions, including Beijing1 (China), Beijing VIP (China), Singapore, Frankfurt (Germany), and Virginia (USA). After the plan is changed, the data center remains unchanged.
  • AppKey : The unique identifier that the Chat service assigns to each app. The rule is ${OrgName}#{AppName}.
  • OrgName : The unique identifier that the Chat service assigns to each enterprise (organization).
  • AppName : The name that the Chat service assigns to each app. Each app under the same enterprise (organization) must have a unique App Name.
  • API request url : The domain of the WebSocket and RESTful API request that Agora assigns to each project.

Follow these steps to get the project information:

  • Find the project that has enabled the Chat service on the Project management page at Agora Console, and click Config.
  • On the project edit page, find Chat and click Config.
  • On the project config page, get the values of Data Center , AppKey , OrgName , AppName , WebSocketAddress , and REST API.

Disable Chat

Enter the Chat config page, click Application Information in the left navigation bar.

In the application information page, click Chat service switch to disable Chat.

NOTE: All Chat data will keep store in Chat data center when the service is disabled, so we will still charge the plan activation fee.

Switch Plan

  • Log in to the Agora Console.

  • In the left navigation bar, click Package and enter Chat Subscribe page.

  • In this page, you can click Subscribe button to change the Chat Plan.


  1. Plan switch will be effective immediately.

  2. Agora doesn't recommend downgrading, which could impact the capacity of your applications and availability of certain features.

Unsubscribe Chat

In the Chat Subscribe page, you can click Unsubscribe button to unsubscribe Chat.


  1. Please disable all projects enabled Chat first.

  2. After unsubscribe Chat, all chat related data will be purged.

  3. Please note that you will still be billed with a pro-rated monthly fee and the usage occurred during the month.

Next steps

After enabling and configuring Chat Service, the Chat-related features in Agora Analytics are enabled by default to help you keep track the usage trends and quality details. For more information, see Data Insights and Data Metrics.