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This page introduces the usage limits of Chat, including limits to the user, the message, the group, the chatroom and the call limit of the server APIs.

User attributes

The user attributes UserInfo Includes the user avatar, nickname, email address, and so on. The total length of the user information for one user must be 2 KB or less, and the total length for all users under an app must be within 10 GB or less.

Message length

The length limits of the different types of messages are as follows:

Message typeLength limitRelated API
Text message5 KBcreateTxtSendMessage
Image message10 MB
Voice message10 MB
Video message10 MB
File message10 MB
Transparent transmission message5 KBcreateSendMessage
Customized extended messageThe size of the extended message must not exceed that of the original message.createSendMessage
Customized message5 KBcreateSendMessage

Group attributes

When a group createGroup is created, the length limits of the group information are as follows:

  • Group name: 128 characters or less

  • Group description: 512 characters or less

  • Group extension information: 1024 characters or less

Chatroom attributes

When a chatroom createChatRoom is created, the length limits of the chatroom information are as follows:

  • Chatroom name: 128 characters or less

  • Chatroom description: 512 characters or less

RESTful API Call limit of server-side

The RESTful API call frequency limit of each method varies. For details about each method, see Chat RESTful API Reference.

If the provided call frequency limit cannot meet your business requirements, contact