The Agora Interactive Gaming SDK helps you quickly integrate audio and video functions into your gaming projects.

You can use SDK and Wrapper of C# in the Unity develoment environment for audio and video functions, or use SDK and Wrapper in the Cocos development for audio function. For native Objective-C and Java interfaces, you can also use Native SDK.

Functions and Scenarios

The Agora Interactive Gaming SDK provides a variety of functions for different gaming scenarios, which are mainly used for applications based on Unity and Cocos gaming engines. You can also use native SDK for native development.

Function Description Scenario
Audio and Video Communication Enables real-time audio and video communication in your game. Group chatting in the games
Radio Voice
  • Supports sampling rates of up to 44.1K and super high-quality sound.
  • Enables interaction with the radio host.
  • MMO
  • RPG
  • Spatial Sound Effects Provides immersive experiences. FPS
    Voice Change Changes the speaker's voice, for example, to the opposite gender.
  • MOBA
  • ACG games
  • See the following sample code for application scenarios:

    Key Properties

    Properties Agora Interactive Gaming Specifications
    Minimum Impact
  • No effects on FPS
  • Compatible with original gaming sounds (FMOD, WWISE)
  • Optimized in package size, CPU usage, and power comsumption
  • High Quality
  • High-quality sound (32 kHz ultra-wideband)
  • Low latency (global average delay of 76 ms)
  • No interference (echo cancellation and noise reduction)
  • No stagnation (strong anti-loss ability)
  • Special Features for Gaming
  • Free/Command mode
  • Voice change
  • Spatial sound effects
  • Emulator supported
  • Stereo Supports stereo capture playback for the best live gaming experience.


    The following chart shows all the Agora Interactive Gaming SDKs, supported operation systems and languages:

    SDK Operation System Language
    Unity Video iOS, Android, Windows C#
    Unity Audio iOS, Android, Windows C#
    Cocos Audio iOS, Android C++
    iOS Audio iOS Objective-C, Swift, C++
    Android Audio Android Java, C++