Agora Dashboard is renamed as Agora Console.

Agora Console provides interactive interfaces where you can configure, pay for and monitor your Agora products.

This page introduces how to use Agora Console.

This page covers all the functions of Agora Console. However, an account may include multiple team members and what functions a member can access depend on this member's role and permissions.

Create an Agora account

Before using Agora Console, follow the steps to create an Agora account.

If you forget your password, you can reset your password. For more information, click here.


After logging in Agora Console, you see an overview page, which provides entry points to commonly-used Console features. On this page, you can:

  • View your projects and usage.
  • View your account balance and transactions, and add money to your account.
  • Check your latest messages.
  • Learn about Agora's products, SDKs, code samples, and API reference.
  • Learn to integrate Agora's SDKs.
  • Try Agora Analytics, a tool that tracks the QoE (Quality of Experience) of calls.


The functions of Agora Console include:

Manage projects

Create a project at Console to begin building your app. Agora will issue an App ID, App Certificate or a temporary token as a unique identifier of your project. Learn more

Check the usage of your projects

Check the duration of audio, video or recording of your projects. Learn more

Use Agora Analytics

Use Agora Analytics, a tool that tracks and analyzes the usage and quality of calls, to locate quality issues and find root causes. Agora Analytics includes three functions, Call Search, Data Insight, and Realtime. Learn more

Payments & Transactions

Add money to your account, view your transactions, and make withdrawal requests. Learn more

Manage members and roles

Add members to your account and set these members as difference roles with specified permissions. Learn more

Submit a ticket

If you have any questions about Agora's products, you can submit a ticket to seek help. Learn more


Agora provides RESTful APIs for you to ban users, check your usage, and inquire about online statistics at the server. You can get the Customer ID and Customer Certificate for the RESTful API in Agora Console. Learn more