Push Stream


You have two options to push streams in a live broadcast scenario:

Push Stream at the Server Side

It is recommended that you push stream at the server side under one of the following circumstances:

  • If you want to record and store the live broadcast, then you will be able to record it at the Agora CDN side once the function is enabled.
  • If your application version is relatively old, but you do not have plan to upgrade it shortly, and it supports RTMP, once the function of checking RTMP streams is enabled, the users will continue watch the Bypass Live via a URL issued by the server without integrating the Agora SDK.


  1. Contact sales-us@agora.io to enable the function if required according to your actual needs. You will be able to enable this function by yourself in the later releases.
  2. Call the following API to push stream at the server side:
  1. Follow Adjust Picture-in-Picture to adjust the picture-in-picture layouts.
  2. The audiences can access and play the Bypass Live using the URL of the live broadcast channel, and can share it on any social media platform.

Push Stream at the Client Side

It is up to you to finish the all the activities for this function, for example, about how to blend the picture, push stream using a third-party push-stream SDK and etc.

Contact sales-us@agora.io for more suggestions and demos for a smooth integration if necessary.