Web Integration - WebRTC Beta

Step 1: Obtain the SDK

Download the latest Agora Web SDK or contact sales-us@agora.io.

Step 2: Prepare the Environments


  1. Prepare a Windows or macOS machine.
  2. Install one of the following chrome browsers:
    • Chrome Browser: v54 - v59
    • Opera Browser: v42 - v44
  3. Be sure that you understand the limitations in Known Issue and Limitation.


  1. Be sure that you have a local web server installed, such as Apache, NginX, or Node.js.
  2. Install a standard Node.js server in your server or cloud infrastructure.

Step 3: Deploy Javascript Application

The applications using the Agora Native SDK for Web are standard JavaScript applications. To deploy the application, you need to load the Agora JS library and also need access to the JS extension libraries provided with the SDK.

Load the Agora JS library AgoraRTCSDK-1.12.0.js which can be downloaded from:

http://download.agora.io/sdk/release/AgoraRTCSDK-1.12.0.js or https://download.agora.io/sdk/release/AgoraRTCSDK-1.12.0.js

Step 4: Call APIs

Call the APIs in Web API - WebRTC Beta to implement the required functions.

If you want to implement the interoperability between WebRTC and Agora Native SDK in live broadcast scenario, be sure that the users at the Agora Native SDK side must call the API method enableWebSdkInteroperability .