Signaling Integration - Mac Beta

Step 1: Obtain the SDK

Download the latest Agora Signaling SDK from downloads or contact

Step 2: Prepare the Environments

  1. Be sure that the following development environment requirements are satisfied:

    Platform System Requirement Network Requirement
    OS X 10.6: “Snow Leopard” or later Port: HTTP 80, TCP 8181
  2. Copy the libraries in the libs folder included in the package downloaded in Step 1: Obtain the SDK.

By default, Agora Native SDK uses libc++ (LLVM). Contact if you prefer to use libstdc++ (GNU).

The library version the SDK provides is x86_64.


If you want to use the Agora Signaling SDK together with Agora Native SDK, be sure that the requirements of Agora Native SDK are also satisfied.

Step 3: Call APIs

Call the APIs in Signaling API - Mac Beta to implement the required functions.


The sequence of calling APIs for each main function and scenario will be provided later.