Signaling Integration - Android Beta

Step 1: Obtain the SDK

Download the latest Agora Signaling SDK from downloads or contact

Step 2: Prepare the Environments

  1. Be sure that the following development environment requirements are satisfied:

    Platform System Requirement Network Requirement
    Android Android API 15 or later Port: HTTP 80 ,TCP 8181


    Both real device and emulator are acceptable.

  2. Copy the libraries in the libs folder included in the package downloaded in Step 1: Obtain the SDK according to your actual needs.

    AgoraSDK.jar is mandatory.

  3. Click Sync Project With Gradle Files until the sync is complete.



If you want to use the Agora Signaling SDK together with Agora Native SDK, be sure that the requirements of Agora Native SDK are also satisfied.

Step 3: Call APIs

Call the APIs in Signaling API - Android Beta to implement the required functions.


The sequence of calling APIs for each main function and scenario will be provided later.