Communication Integration - Mac

Step 1: Obtain the SDK

Download the latest Agora Native SDK from downloads or contact

Step 2: Prepare the Environments

  1. Be sure that the following development environment requirements are satisfied.

    • Apple XCode version 6.0 or later
    • OS X 10.0 or later
  2. Copy the folder libs from the Agora Native SDK you have downloaded in Step 1: Obtain the SDK to the project folder.

  3. Add the required libraries in either of the following methods:

    1. Use CocoaPods to add the libraries automatically.

      • Install the CocoaPods by running the following command in the terminal:

        brew install cocoapods

        For details on how to use the CocoaPods, refer to Cocoapods .

      • Add the Agora SDK references in the Podfile:

        pod 'AgoraRtcEngine_macOS'
    2. Add the libraries manually.

      • Set the search path of framework in Xcode.

      • Select File> New> Group in Xcode, and name it, for example, as Frameworks to include all the required frameworks from Agora later.

      • Click the Frameworks folder you’ve just created, and then go to Building Phases.

      • Expand the Link Binary with Libraries, and click + to add the following libraries.



        AgoraRtcEngineKit.framework is located in the libs folder which you have copied to your project folder. After you click +, then click Add Other… on the dialog box and go to your project folder to add it.

  4. In the file viewController.h, add #import <AgoraRtcEngineKit/AgoraRtcEngineKit.h> to enable the use of Agora Native SDK for iOS.


    The library version the SDK provides is x86_64.

Step 3: Call APIs

Refer to Communication API - Mac to implement the required functions.