Agora Product Overview


The overall service that Agora products provide is called as Agora Communications as a Service (CaaS).

It provides ensured Quality of Experience for worldwide, Internet-based voice and video communications through the Agora Global Software-Defined Real-time Network(SD-RTN). The network optimizes real-time, mobile communications and solves quality of experience challenges for mobile devices, such as 3G/4G/Wi-Fi networks that perform erratically and Internet bottlenecks worldwide.


See the following for the Agora product architecture:


Platform and Scale

Function Platform Scale
Communication Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Web Audio Communication: up to 10,000 people in a channel
Video Communication: up to 7 people in a channel (16-people scenario is under development)
Number of Channels: No Limit
Live Broadcast Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Web Host-in: up to 7 video hosts in a channel; 10,000 audio hosts in a channel (other scenario with more people is under development)
Audience: up to at least 30, 000 people in a channel
Number of Channels: No Limit
Signaling Android, iOS, Windows, Mac Number of Participants: up to at least 100, 000 people in a channel
Number of Channels: No Limit

Agora Media SDK and Signaling System

The following diagram depicts the main relations between Agora Media SDK and Signaling System:

  • Users use the Signaling System to send messages, for example, User A has something important to discuss with User B, so A sends an instant message to B: I want to discuss with you face to face. Please join the channel: AgoraTalk. Then B agrees.
  • Both users use the Agora Media SDK to join the AgoraTalk channel for audio/video communication(or live broadcast).

Agora Media SDK and Agora Signaling System are independent, which means users can use Agora Signaling System or a third-party Signaling System (probably with a third-party Signaling SDK) to dock with the services provided by Agora Media SDK.

The signaling channel and the media channel (using Agora Native SDK) are independent:

  • The signaling channel controls the conference (send reliable message, receive reliable callback events, and support adding attributes and etc).
  • The media channel is used for audio and video communication (transmitting sound and image).

Agora Media SDK

Agora Media SDK includes:

  • Agora Native SDK (for all platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web)

    Agora Native SDK supports both Communication and Live Broadcast scenarios, the channel mode of which, live broadcast or communication, is set by calling the setChannelProfile method.

    Users can either capture audio/video raw data directly using Agora Native SDK, modify the raw data if necessary or capture the data by themselves.

  • Agora Web SDK

    Agora Web SDK supports both communication and live broadcast scenarios as well, but for interoperability with Agora Native SDK:

    • Live Broadcast: OK
    • Communication: Not supported

For more detailed function descriptions, refer to:

Agora Native SDK and Components

Components provides additional functions based on the Agora Native SDK:

Component Function Scenario Document
Agora Recording SDK Recording Communication Recording SDK Guide
Agora Whiteboard SDK Whiteboard Communication Use Whiteboard Beta
Agora Image Enhancement Image Enhancement Communication and Live Broadcast Using Image Enhancement Beta

Signaling System

The Agora Signaling System provides the functions of account information system, channel system, and call system if the users access the Agora signaling system in one of the following ways: Agora Signaling SDK Access, Server API Access, and SIP Gateway Access.


If you want to use a third-party signaling system to dock with the Agora services, be ware that you can not do so directly. You must integrate the Agora Native SDK or Agora Web SDK into your application to send any service request to Agora SD-RTN.

For more details, refer to Signaling Function Overview Beta.