Agora Web SDK Release Notes


The Agora Web SDK(WebRTC for short) is a JavaScript library loaded by an HTML web page, as with any other JavaScript library. The Agora Web SDK library uses APIs in the browser to establish connections and control the communication and live broadcast services.

Obtain the SDK

Download the latest beta SDK or contact

Known Issue and Limitation

  • Compatibility: To enable the interoperability between Agora Native SDK and Agora Web SDK, you need to use Agora Native SDK v1.12 or later.
  • The Agora Web SDK supports video profiles up to 1080p resolution if the client has a true HD camera installed. However, the maximum resolution is limited by the camera device capabilities.
  • The Agora Web SDK currently does not provide the following functionalities available in the Agora Native SDK: quality indicators, testing services, providing feedback ratings for sessions, recording and logging.

v1.12 (Released July 25, 2017)

  • Added and Updated APIs in Web API - WebRTC Beta:

    API Type Description
    createClient New It creates a client object for web-only or web interop depending on which mode you set
    renewChannelKey New It updates a Channel Key when the previous Channel Key is expired
    active-speaker New It indicates who is the active speaker in the current channel now
    setRemoteVideoStreamType New It specifies the video stream type of the remote user to be received by the local when the remote user sends dual streams
    setVideoProfile Updated It sets the video profile, and the default value is 480p_1
    init Updated It initializes the client object
    join Updated It allows the user to join an Agora channel
  • Updated the error codes according to Agora Web SDK.

v1.8.1 (Released Mar.16, 2017)

Fixed the incompatibility issue on Chrome v57.

v1.8 (Released Dec.26)

Agora Web SDK supports both communication and live broadcast scenarios starting from v1.8. This release is a beta version.