Agora Whiteboard SDK Release Notes Beta


The Agora Whiteboard SDK component provides a simple collaboration platform on the whiteboard where users from different locations can draw, annotate, and share PDF documents to visualize and simplify the communication. The SDK provides open access to the Agora Global Network from any device that supports a standard HTML5-compliant web browser, without requiring any downloads or plugins.

Obtaining the SDK

You can download the latest SDKs at downloads or contact

Known Issue and Limitation

  • Users can employ the whiteboard function on Agora-supported platforms for Web, Mac and Windows. On iOS and Android, users have view-only permission.
  • If your application is on Mac, the file upload function is not supported. This issue is caused by OS X unable to open the panel in WKWebView, and the file upload window cannot popup. Wait for OS X to update.

v1.0 (Released July 14, 2016)

This is the first release of whiteboard.