Agora Image Enhancement Release Notes Beta


The Agora Image Enhancement component provide the mobile applications with special visual effects.

Obtaining the SDK

You can download the latest SDKs at downloads or contact

v1.3 (released June 15, 2016)

Enhanced the brightness and smoothness function.

v1.2 (released Feb.16, 2016)

Added the default value to lighteningFactor and smoothness.

v1.1 (released Dec.6, 2016)


The image enhancement effect is adjusted dynamically according to the CPU performance on the Android platform.

v1.0(released Oct. 15, 2016)

This is the first release of the image enhancement function, applicable to both communication and live broadcast scenarios.

Known Issue and Limitation

When the overall CPU consumption of mobile devices is excessive, it is recommended that you turn off the image enhancement function.