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Agora account management

Get Started with Agora

To join a real-time engagement session powered by Agora, you need to provide an App ID and temp Token. This page shows you how to get the information.

Create an Agora account

Sign up here to create an Agora account. After sign-up, you can log in here.

Create an Agora project

Once you finish the sign-up process, you can create an Agora project in Agora Console.

To create an Agora project, do the following:

  1. In Agora Console, open the Project Management page.

  2. Click Create.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter a project name and use case, and check Secured mode: APP ID + Token (Recommended) as the authentication mechanism.

  4. Click Submit. You can now see the project on the Project Management page.

Get the App ID

Agora automatically assigns each project an App ID as a unique identifier.

To copy this App ID, find your project on the Project Management page in Agora Console, and click the copy icon in the App ID column.

Get the App Certificate

When generating a token on your app server, you need to fill parameters such as the App ID, channel name, user ID, and App Certificate.

To get an App Certificate, do the following:

  1. On the Project Management page, click Config for the project you want to use. 1641971710869

  2. Click the copy icon under Primary Certificate. 1637660100222

Generate a Customer ID and Customer Secret

The Agora RESTful API uses a Customer ID and Customer Secret for basic HTTP authorization.

To generate a set of Customer ID and Customer Secret, do the following:

  1. In Agora Console, click the account name in the top right corner, and click RESTful API from the drop-down list to enter the RESTful API page. 1637661003647

  2. Click Add a secret, and click OK. A set of Customer ID and Customer Secret is generated.

  3. Click Download in the Customer Secret column. Read the pop-up window carefully, and save the downloaded key_and_secret.txt file in a secure location.

Generate a temporary token

When a user attempts to join a channel, your app passes an encrypted authentication token to Agora SD-RTN™, this token is unique for each channel. It is generated using the App ID of your project and the channel name. In a test or production environment, your app retrieves the token from a token server. However, for local testing, you can generate a temporary token in Agora Console.

  1. In Agora Console, open Project Management, select your project and click Config.

  2. Under Features, click Generate temp Video SDK token.

  3. Type the Channel Name, then click Generate.

    Agora Console generates a token valid to join Channel Name only.

  4. Click Copy.

    Temp Token is added to the clipboard of your development machine.

Generate an Signaling token

Applicable products of Signaling tokens include Signaling and Flexible Classroom.

To ensure communication security, Agora recommends using tokens to authenticate users logging in to an Signaling system.

For testing purposes, Agora Console supports generating Signaling tokens. To generate an Signaling token:

  1. Visit token builder.

  2. Fill in the App ID, App certificate, and user ID to log in to the Signaling system. You need to specify the user ID yourself (for example, "test"). The generated Signaling token is showed on the screen. When calling the login method later, ensure that the user ID is the same with the one that you use to generate the Signaling token.