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This page introduces the billing policy for the Interactive Whiteboard.

Your billing details may differ if you have signed a contract with Agora. If your scenario involves other Agora products or services, such as the Video SDK, Signaling SDK, or Cloud Recording, expect additional charges for these products or services. For details, see the billing policy for each Agora product or service.


Billing for Interactive Whiteboard begins once you enable and implement the service in your project. Agora sends your bill and deducts the payment from your account on a monthly basis. For details, see Billing, fee deduction, and account suspension.


At the end of each month, Agora adds up the usage of each whiteboard feature in all projects under your Agora account and subtracts your monthly free usage allowances. Agora multiplies each resulting usage number by the corresponding price and adds up the cost of each feature to get the total cost for that month. Interactive Whiteboard provides the following features:

  • Online whiteboard
  • File conversion, including file conversion to images and file conversion to web pages

Cost of each whiteboard feature = (monthly total usage - free-of-charge usage) × unit price

Total cost = online whiteboard cost + file conversion cost

Unit price

The unit price for each whiteboard feature is as follows:

Whiteboard featureUnit price
Online whiteboard$1.40/1,000 minutes
File conversion$0.50/1,000 images

Usage calculation

This section describes how to calculate the usage of each whiteboard feature.

Online whiteboard

The usage duration of each whiteboard room equals the total sum of usage duration of all users in the room.

For each user, Agora calculates the usage duration from the user joining a room to the user leaving the room. The usage duration is calculated in minutes.

File conversion

Agora calculates the usage amount by the number of images and web pages successfully converted from source files.

  • The cost of converting a file to web pages is five times the cost of converting it to images. When charging for file conversion to web pages, Agora multiplies the number of generated web pages by five in order to use a consistent unit price for the file conversion feature.
  • Agora does not charge for a failed file conversion task. You can call the Query file conversion progress API to get the result of a file conversion task.
  • The file conversion feature can also be charged by QPS. See QPS-based Pricing.

Free-of-charge usage

Agora gives each whiteboard feature the following free-of-charge usage each month:

Whiteboard featureMonthly free-of-charge usage
Online whiteboardThe first 10,000 minutes
File conversionThe first 1000 images (effective from September 1, 2022)
  • If the monthly total usage of a whiteboard feature does not exceed its free usage allowance, the feature is free of charge for that month.
  • The remaining free-of-charge usage is cleared at the end of each calendar month.

Check your current usage

You can check your usage of Interactive Whiteboard in Agora Console. Perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to Agora Console and click the Products & Usage button on the left navigation panel.

  2. Click the arrowhead in the top left corner, and select the project you want to check in the drop-down box.

  3. Click Duration under Whiteboard, select a time frame, and check the usage duration.

  • The time frame cannot exceed 12 months.
  • Only Agora accounts that are assigned with the role of Admin or Finance have access to the usage statistics.
  • The usage duration provided by Agora Console is for reference only. Your actual billing may differ.


This section shows how to calculate your monthly usage of Interactive Whiteboard, as well as the total cost based on the corresponding unit price.

Scenario description

User A joins a whiteboard room to give an online lecture and successfully converts a 50-page PPTX file to HTML files using the file conversion feature. Another 200 users join the room to watch the lecture. The lecture lasts 60 minutes. When the lecture ends, all users leave the room at the same time.

The usage calculation is as follows:

Online whiteboard
  • User A: 60 minutes
  • Another 200 users: 60 × 200 minutes
  • File conversion to web page50 web pages = 50 × 5 = 250 images

    Cost calculation

    The following table shows the calculation of the total cost of the lecture:

    Billed serviceUnit price Cost of each service ($US)Total cost($US)
    Online whiteboard$1.40/1,000 minutes(12,060 - 10,000)/1000 × 1.40 = 2.8842.884 ≈ 2.89

    Document conversion to web page$0.50/1,000 images0 (The first 1000 converted images are free of charge)

    Agora rounds up the total cost to two decimal places.


    • Will usage calculation continue if live streaming has ended but users are still in the room?

      Yes. Usage calculation for Interactive Whiteboard depends on the presence of active long-lived connections. To avoid additional costs, Agora recommends that you:

      • Call disconnect() to cut off a user's connection when the user leaves the room, and ensure that you receive the onPhaseChanged(disconnected) callback.
      • Call the Interactive Whiteboard RESTful API on your app server to move all users out of the room when live streaming ends.
    • Does billing begin when a room is created?

      No, because no user joins the room.

    • Does joining a room using different modes result in different costs?

      No. The usage calculation and unit price are the same whether the user joins a room in interactive mode or subscription mode.