You may get a 404 error for the following reasons:

  • The recording service checks if the parameters are correctly set after a cloud recording starts. The recording may stop if there are issues. Please pay particular attention to your transcoding settings. See How do I set the video profile of the recorded video? for detailed information about setting transcoding.
  • The third-party storage information, such as accessKey or secretKey, is incorrect, resulting in a failure to upload the recorded files. If you have enabled Agora Message Notification Service, you will receive the cloud_recording_error callback when the service detects that your cloud storage settings are incorrect.
  • The cloud recording service fails to join the channel because token in clientRequest is different from the dynamic key used in the channel to be recorded.
  • The ongoing cloud recording service ends automatically, if no user is in the channel for more than the time period specified by maxIdleTime.
  • The cloud recording server is disconnected or the process is killed. At this point, you get a 404 for the method call of query, updateLayout, or stop. It may take the fault processing center a maximum of 90 seconds to troubleshoot and act accordingly. You can call query again after a certain period of time to query whether the service is back up. See Fault processing when a cloud recording server is disconnected or the process killed for details.