Agora Cloud Recording supports the following cloud storage vendors:

  • Qiniu Cloud
  • Amazon S3
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Tencent Cloud

Before you start, ensure that you have enabled cloud storage service with at least one of the above-mentioned vendors and have created a bucket. When calling start, you need to enter your cloud storage information: When setting storageConfig, choose a region close to the server from which you send your recording request. See Agora Cloud Recording RESTful API for more information.

Issues with cross-region upload

The files to upload to the cloud storage are stored on the servers close to where you make the recording request. Therefore, a cross-region upload, e.g., making the request in the U.S. while setting the region to Beijing, can be slow or even fail.


Because a cross-region upload takes much more time and is more likely to fail, avoid using this approach when possible.