What is the price of integrating the Agora SDK?

  • Voice or video calls are charged by minutes and is free for light usage.
  • Live broadcast is charged by the minute or bandwidth. Contact sales@agora.io for details on how to calculate the charges

Can I use the Agora service for free because my app only has very few users?

Yes, your users can use up to 10,000 minutes for free each month.

If I do not use all my minutes this month, can I carry them over to the next month?

No, you cannot carry over any unused free minutes. The unused free minutes are removed from your account at the beginning of each month.

How often do I receive a bill from Agora?

You can log in the Agora website to check your usage statistics in Dashboard. To receive a monthly bill, you can sign up with the Agora sales department. You are not charged if you use less than 10,000 minutes a month.

Why does Dashboard display minutes used for voice communication even though my project is for video communication?

If you see voice minutes used in a video communication or live broadcast, it may not be a billing error but may be caused by the following reasons:

  • A user disabled video and only transmitted voice communication.
  • The video or images in the video communication could not be transmitted due to poor network connections.
  • A single channel is calculated even if only one user is in the channel. For example, user A joins the channel before user B joins, or other users in the channel are disconnected.

Does Agora provide other information on the bill besides the usage?

The bill can be customized. Contact sales-us@agora.io for details.

How does Agora charge CDN live, recording, storage, and other services?

Contact sales-us@agora.io for details.