Calculating service minutes

Agora adds up the audio minutes used by the projects under your Agora Account on a monthly basis.

Audio minutes

If you deduct the time that a user receives the video streams in the channel from the total time that the user stays in the channel, you get the audio minutes of that user, regardless of whether that user subscribes to any audio stream.

For example, let's say a user is in a channel for 30 minutes. This user subscribs to a video stream for 20 minutes, and is idle for the rest 10 minutes. In this case, Agora records 20 video minutes and 10 audio minutes for this specific user.

  • A user's audio minutes do not add up, even if that user subscribes to multiple audio streams at the same time.
  • See Pricing for the pricing information of the audio minutes.
  • Pricing

    Service Pricing (Dollars/1,000 minutes)
    Audio 0.99

    Agora's policy of 10,000 free-of-charge minutes

    See Agora's policy of 10,000 free-of-charge minutes.