Agora Cloud Recording is an add-on service to record and save voice calls, video calls, and interactive broadcasts on your cloud storage. Compared with Agora On-premise Recording, Agora Cloud Recording is more efficient and convenient as it does not require deploying Linux servers.


Agora Cloud Recording is compatible with the following SDKs:

  • Agora Native SDK v1.7.0 or later.
  • Agora Web SDK v1.12 or later.


v1.2.0 is released on July 22, 2019.

New features

Customized video layout

The RESTful API adds a customized layout for the recording video. See Set Video Layout for details.

You can set the mixedVideoLayout parameter as 3 and set the regions for each user in the layoutConfig parameter when starting a recording.

You can update the layout anytime during the recording by the updateLayout method.

Customized background color

The RESTful API adds the backgroundColor parameter to support customized background colors for the video layout.


To get the accurate starting time of a recording, the RESTful API provides the Unix timestamp of when the first slicing starts in the response of the query method. The RESTful API callback service adds the recorder_slice_start event to report the time when the first slicing starts and the time when the last recording fails.


Optimizes the verification of whether resourceId corresponds with uid and cname when calling the RESTful API.

Fixed issue

Fixed minor issues in the default video layout (floating layout).


v1.1.1 is released on July 2, 2019 with the following improvements:

  • Changes the default background color in the composite layout to black.
  • Reduces video freeze under poor network conditions.


v1.1 is released on June 13, 2019.

This version supports RESTful APIs. With the RESTful APIs, you can use Agora Cloud Recording through HTTP requests without integrating the SDK.

See the following documents for details:


v1.0.0 is released on April 30, 2019.

This is the first release of Agora Cloud Recording with the following functions:

  • High-quality voice and video recordings.
  • Mixed-stream voice and video recordings of all users in a channel.
  • Three composite video layouts: float (default), best fit, and vertical, see Set Video Layout for details.
  • Third-party cloud storage. Agora Cloud Recording supports Amazon S3, Alibaba Cloud, and Qiniu Cloud.
  • Provides C++ and Java SDK packages.