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Pricing for Web Page Recording

This page introduces the billing policy for the Agora Web Page Recording provided by Agora.


When you use the Agora web page recording service, Agora charges you fees based on the usage and resolution of the recorded videos.

If you use other Agora products or services in the web page being recorded, such as the Agora Video SDK, Agora Interactive Whiteboard SDK, or Agora Real-time Messaging SDK, expect additional charges. See the pricing documentations of each product or service for details.

Cost calculation

Billing occurs monthly. At the end of each month, Agora calculates the total duration of web page recording usage (in minutes) for that month in all projects under your Agora account, publishes bills, and performs deductions. Note that this usage is divided into different video categories. After deducting the monthly 10,000 free-of-charge minutes that Agora grants to every account, Agora multiplies any remaining usage by its corresponding unit price and adds up the costs to get the total cost for that month.

The basic formula is shown here:

Cost = total usage per category × unit price per category


For the web page recording service, Agora calculates usage from the moment a recording begins until the moment it ends, measured in seconds.

When starting a web page recording, you can set the video profile (resolution, frame rate, and bitrate) for the output video stream. Agora divides service usage into categories based on the resolution of the output video and prices the categories separately, as follows:

Video resolution

Based on the resolution of the output video of the web page recording, Agora divides the service usage into the following categories:

Video categoryVideo resolution
High-definition (HD)Up to 921,600 (1280 × 720)
Full high-definition (Full HD)From greater than 921,600 (1280 × 720) to 2,073,600 (1920 × 1080)

Unit pricing

The unit prices of the video categories are as follows:

Video categoryPricing ($US/1,000 minutes)
High-definition (HD)14
Full high-definition (Full HD)28

Preferential billing policies

Agora provides the following preferential billing policies in conjunction with the web page recording service:

  • If the Agora Video SDK is used in the web page being recorded to realize real-time communications, and the user is subscribed to a channel with a high-definition (HD) aggregate video resolution, Agora waives the the cost of the video Video SDK usage during the web page recording; only the web page recording fees apply. Real-time communication at higher aggregate resolutions does not receive this discount.
  • Agora gives each Agora account 10,000 free-of-charge minutes each month, including web page recording. For the specific deduction order and scope of application, see Agora's free-of-charge policy for the first 10,000 minutes.

Cost example

This section provides a simple example of calculating the cost of a web page recording session.

Suppose you start a web page recording process that runs for 6,000 seconds, where you set the resolution of the output video as 960 × 720.

The output resolution is 691,200, which puts it into the high-definition (HD) category. The unit pricing for HD video is US$14/1,000 minutes.

To calculate billable time, the usage is converted from seconds to minutes, so 6,000 seconds of usage converts to 100 billable minutes.

ProcessHD videoFull HD video
Usage duration (in seconds)6,0000
Billable service minutes1000

Therefore, the cost is as follows:

Cost = video unit price × video duration usage = 14 × (100/1000) = 1.4

Therefore, the actual recording fee is US$1.40.


Accuracy of service minutes

Agora bills usage by the minute but records usage by the second. Monthly usage for billing is actually calculated by totaling each type of usage (in seconds) and then dividing by 60, rounding up to the nearest integer. For example, if the HD service usage for a month is 59 seconds, then this is billed as 1 minute; if the Full HD service usage for a month is 61 seconds, then this is billed as 2 minutes. Therefore, the margin of error for usage of each category per month is less than 1 minute.

Multiple recordings of the same web page

If two web page recording processes are started for the same web page, Agora charges fees for both.

The charging stops when the recording stops

The charging will continue until the web page recording stops. You should set a reasonable maxRecordingHour based on the actual business scenario or actively stop the web page recording.