Agora Cloud Recording is a component provided by Agora to record and save voice calls, video calls, and interactive streaming on your cloud storage. It is compatible with the Agora Native SDK v1.7.0+ and the Agora Web SDK v1.12.0+.

You can quickly and flexibly record one-to-one or one-to-many audio and video calls or live interactive streaming through simple integration. Compared with Agora On-premise Recording, Agora Cloud Recording is more efficient and convenient as it does not require deploying Linux servers.

With Agora Cloud Recording, you can record calls or live streaming for your users to watch at their convenience. For example, a user can either attend an online course at the time of the course or watch the recorded course later, made possible by the Agora Cloud Recording service.


The following table lists the main functions that Agora Cloud Recording provides. To learn more about these functions, click the links below.

   Feature    Description
Recording mode Supports two recording modes:
Capture screenshots You can take screenshots of each video stream in individual recording mode.
Subscribe to specified UIDs You can specify the UIDs to subscribe or unsubscribe. You can also update the subscription lists during the recording. For details, see Set up subscription lists.
Subscribe to specified media types You can specify the type of media to subscribe to:
  • Audio only
  • Video only
  • Both audio and video
Set audio and video profiles In composite recording mode, you can set audio and video profiles, such as the bit rate and resolution.
Set video layout In composite recording mode, you can customize the video layout or use predefined layouts, and set the background color of the canvas. You can update video layout or background color during recording.
Store recorded files in third-party cloud storage You can store recorded files in the following third-party cloud storage services. You can customize the directory of the recorded files in the cloud storage.
  • Amazon S3
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Tencent Cloud
  • Qiniu Cloud
  • Kingsoft Cloud
Record dual streams If the Agora RTC SDK enables the dual-stream mode, you can choose to record the high-video stream or the low-video stream.
Record encrypted channels You can record a channel that is encrypted using the following encryption modes:
  • AES128XTS
  • AES128ECB
  • AES256XTS
Transcoding Agora Cloud Recording provides transcoding scripts for you to merge audio and video files and to convert file formats.
Callback service The callback service provides information including:
  • The filenames of the recorded files
  • The start time of the first slice file
  • The timestamp when the stream status changes
Extension services Supports third-party extension services. Currently supports ApsaraVideo for VoD only.


Agora Cloud Recording can be used in the following scenarios:

Industry Applications
Online Education One-to-one and one-to-many online courses. Agora Cloud Recording provides high-quality voice and video recordings.
  • Students can replay recordings for review.
  • Students can make up for missed courses at their convenience.
  • Live Streaming
  • The replay of live streaming highlights.
  • Captures screenshots.
  • Detects sexually explicit content.
  • Financial Industry When conducting financial management, account registration, and face-to-face businesses, the financial industry can use audio and video recordings for record keeping and archival purposes.
    Customer Service/Call Centers The recordings can be used for customer research and service quality evaluations.
    Remote Health Care
  • Recordings of remote diagnoses and online medical consultations enable patients to acquire medical resources in remote or inaccessible areas.
  • Can be used as references for subsequent treatments.
  • Features

    Agora Cloud Recording consists of the following features:

    Feature Description
    High Reliability
  • Supports globally distributed cluster deployment and highly available services.
  • Automatically backs up files on Agora cloud server when the third-party cloud storage fails and automatically uploads the backup to the third-party cloud storage when it recovers.
  • High Security Provides end-to-end security mechanisms for video calls, data transmission, data storage, and so on. For details, see Information Security Policy.
    Compatibility Supports third-party cloud storages, such as Amazon S3, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Kingsoft Cloud and Qiniu Cloud.
    Ease of Use Simple implementation and easy to learn. With four RESTful API calls, you can start, stop, and query the recording. You can get started quickly, flexibly deploy recording services, and easily record on mobile and web pages.


    Use Agora Cloud Recording to join a channel, subscribe to the audio and video streams that need to be recorded, and upload the recorded files to the specified cloud storage. Agora Cloud Recording is charged by the minute and the aggregate resolution. The aggregate resolutions of the audio and video streams are divided into three types: Audio, HD, and HD+. Contact for details.

    The billing for each recording task is separate. For example, two recording tasks of the same channel are charged separately.

    The service is free of charge if the monthly voice and video (including recording) usage is less than 10,000 minutes. See the free-of-charge policy for details.