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Why do I get a 404 error when I call query after successfully starting a cloud recording?

Type: Integration issues    Platform: RESTful   Last Updated: 2020/11/12 00:10:06

You may get a 404 error for the following reasons:

  • The recording service checks if the parameters are correctly set after a cloud recording starts. The recording may stop if there are issues. Please pay particular attention to your transcoding settings. See How do I set the video profile of the recorded video? for detailed information about setting transcoding.
  • The third-party storage information, such as accessKey or secretKey, is incorrect, resulting in a failure to upload the recorded files. If you have enabled Agora Message Notification Service, you will receive the cloud_recording_error callback when the service detects that your cloud storage settings are incorrect.
  • The cloud recording service fails to join the channel because token in clientRequest is incorrect. Check if your application has App Certificate enabled. If so, ensure you enter the correct dynamic key; otherwise, you do not need to set this parameter. See Set up Authentication.
  • The ongoing cloud recording service ends automatically, if no user is in the channel for more than the time period specified by maxIdleTime.
  • The cloud recording server is disconnected or the process is killed. At this point, you get a 404 for the method call of query, updateLayout, or stop. It may take the fault processing center a maximum of 90 seconds to troubleshoot and act accordingly. You can call query again after a certain period of time to query whether the service is back up. See Fault processing when a cloud recording server is disconnected or the process killed for details.