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Enable Broadcast Streaming

This page shows how to enable the Broadcast Streaming service in Agora Console.


Before enabling the Broadcast Streaming service, ensure that you meet the following requirements:


Follow these steps to enable the Broadcast Streaming service:

  1. On the Project Management page in Agora Console, click Config for the project you want to use.

  2. Under Real-time engagement core, find Fusion CDN, and click Enable.

    If Broadcast Streaming is successfully enabled, the Enable button changes to the Config button.

Next steps

After enabling the Broadcast Streaming service, you can start live streaming by referring to the following quickstart guides:

The differences between using Agora domain and using a custom domain are as follows:

Use Agora domainUse a custom domain
Time to first live streamWithin minutesWithin hours
AuthenticationBasic authenticationTimestamp authentication or origin authentication
Supported functionsA subset of functions in API OverviewAll functions in API Overview

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