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Streaming software configuration

Agora recommends using one of the following stream-pushing software to push streams to Broadcast Streaming:

  • OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), which supports macOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • XSplit Broadcaster, which supports Windows.

This page takes OBS as an example to show the configuration of the stream-pushing software.


  • OBS is installed.
  • The stream-pushing domain name and the stream-playing domain name are configured. The domain name configuration function is in beta. Contact before using it.

Stream-pushing settings

Following these steps to configure stream-pushing settings:

  1. Get the URL for pushing a stream, see URL Construction.
  2. Open OBS, and click the Settings button in the widget list in the bottom right corner. open obs setting
  3. Click Stream in the left navigation menu in the Settings window, and choose Custom... in Service.
  4. Fill in the Server and Stream key in accordance with the URL for pushing a stream, as shown in the following figure: obs url rule For example, if the URL is rtmp://, the settings are as follows:
    • Server: rtmp://
    • Stream key: test?ts=1635004800&sign=95b0a9970c593819 obs example setting
  5. Click OK to save the settings.

Stream encoding settings

Agora recommends the following stream encoding settings:

Encoding parametersRecommended setting
Video codec typesH.264, with the encoder x264
Audio codec typesAAC
Bitrate (kbps)Set the video bitrate according to the resolution and frame rate. You can refer to the live bitrate column in the Video Bitrate Table.
Keyframe interval2 seconds

For the other encoding parameters, Agora recommends using the default values, or consulting Agora technical support.

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