Public Attributes

int width
int height
int yStride
int uStride
int vStride
void * yBuffer
void * uBuffer
void * vBuffer
int rotation
int64_t renderTimeMs
int avsync_type

Detailed Description

Video frame information. The video data format is YUV420. The buffer provides a pointer to a pointer. The interface cannot modify the pointer of the buffer, but can modify the content of the buffer only.

Member Data Documentation

◆ type

VIDEO_FRAME_TYPE agora::media::IVideoFrameObserver::VideoFrame::type

◆ width

int agora::media::IVideoFrameObserver::VideoFrame::width

Video pixel width.

◆ height

int agora::media::IVideoFrameObserver::VideoFrame::height

Video pixel height.

◆ yStride

int agora::media::IVideoFrameObserver::VideoFrame::yStride

Line span of the Y buffer within the YUV data.

◆ uStride

int agora::media::IVideoFrameObserver::VideoFrame::uStride

Line span of the U buffer within the YUV data.

◆ vStride

int agora::media::IVideoFrameObserver::VideoFrame::vStride

Line span of the V buffer within the YUV data.

◆ yBuffer

void* agora::media::IVideoFrameObserver::VideoFrame::yBuffer

Pointer to the Y buffer pointer within the YUV data.

◆ uBuffer

void* agora::media::IVideoFrameObserver::VideoFrame::uBuffer

Pointer to the U buffer pointer within the YUV data.

◆ vBuffer

void* agora::media::IVideoFrameObserver::VideoFrame::vBuffer

Pointer to the V buffer pointer within the YUV data.

◆ rotation

int agora::media::IVideoFrameObserver::VideoFrame::rotation

Set the rotation of this frame before rendering the video. Supports 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees clockwise.

◆ renderTimeMs

int64_t agora::media::IVideoFrameObserver::VideoFrame::renderTimeMs

The timestamp of the external audio frame. It is mandatory. You can use this parameter for the following purposes:

  • Restore the order of the captured audio frame.
  • Synchronize audio and video frames in video-related scenarios, including scenarios where external video sources are used.
    This timestamp is for rendering the video stream, and not for capturing the video stream.

◆ avsync_type

int agora::media::IVideoFrameObserver::VideoFrame::avsync_type