• OS: Microsoft Windows 7+

  • Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ 2013+

  • Development environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (Recommended)

If you use Microsoft Visual Studio 2013+, you may encounter compatibility issues.

Create an Agora Project and Get an App ID

  1. Sign up for a developer account at Agora Dashboard and follow the on-screen instructions to create a project.
  2. Click the Project Management icon in the left navigation panel.
  3. Find the corresponding App ID under the created project.

Add the Agora SDK to Your Project

  1. Download the Agora SDK for Windows, and unzip it.
  2. Add the sdk/include folder to the INCLUDE directory of your project.
  3. Add the sdk/lib folder to the LIB directory of your project, and ensure that agora_rtc_sdk.lib is linked to your project.
  4. Copy all dll files under sdk/dll to the directory of your executable file.

Next Steps

You have set up the Windows development environment and can start a call/live broadcast following the steps under Quickstart Guide:

  • Initialize the SDK
  • Join a Channel
  • Publish and Subscribe to Streams