The Agora RTC SDK enables you to manage the volume of the recorded audio or of the audio playback according to your actual scenario. For example, to mute a remote user in a one-to-one call, you can set the audio playback volume as 0.


Before adjusting the audio volume, ensure that you have implemented the basic real-time communication functions in your project. For details, see Start a Call or Start Live Interactive Streaming.

Sample code

Adjust the playout volume

 client.on("stream-subscribed", function(evt){
  var stream =;
  // Sets the volume of the remote stream to 50.

Mute the remote user

 client.on("stream-subscribed", function(evt){
  var stream =;
  // Mutes the remote stream.

API reference


  • If the volume is set too high, noise may occur on some devices.


When adjusting the audio volume, you can also refer to the following articles: