In addition to client APIs, Agora also provides RESTful APIs which enable you to use HTTPS requests to get, put, post, and delete project and usage-related data on the server side.

Visit our API documentation at Server RESTful API . This documentation contains detailed help for each Server RESTful API and its parameters, and provides the Try it out function which allows you to send RESTful API requests and receive responses directly on the web page.

All requests are sent to the BaseUrl:

API Overview

Project management

Request URL Method Function
BaseUrl/dev/v1/project POST Creates a project.
BaseUrl/dev/v1/project GET Gets a specified project.
BaseUrl/dev/v1/project DELETE Deletes a specified project.
BaseUrl/dev/v1/projects GET Gets all projects.
BaseUrl/dev/v1/project_status POST Disables or enables a project.
BaseUrl/dev/v1/recording_config POST Sets the IP of the recording server.
BaseUrl/dev/v1/signkey POST Enables or disables the primary App Certificate.
BaseUrl/dev/v1/reset_signkey POST Resets the primary App Certificate.

Project usage query

Request URL Method Function
BaseUrl/dev/v3/usage GET Gets the usage data of a specified project.

Banning rule management

Request URL Method Function
BaseUrl/dev/v1/kicking-rule POST Creates a banning rule.
BaseUrl/dev/v1/kicking-rule GET Gets a list of all banning rules.
BaseUrl/dev/v1/kicking-rule PUT Updates the expiration time of a specified banning rule.
BaseUrl/dev/v1/kicking-rule DELETE Deletes a specified banning rule.

Online channel statistics query

Request URL Method Function
BaseUrl/dev/v1/channel/user/property/{appid}/{uid}/{channelName} GET Gets the user role of a specified channel.
BaseUrl/dev/v1/channel/user/{appid}/{channelName} GET Gets the user list of a specified channel.
BaseUrl/dev/v1/channel/{appid} GET Gets the channel list of a specified project.