Statistics of the network connection.


  • TransportStats



Optional NetworkType

NetworkType: "bluetooth" | "cellular" | "ethernet" | "none" | "wifi" | "wimax" | "other" | "unknown" | "UNSUPPORTED"

Network type.

  • "bluetooth": Bluetooth network.
  • "cellular": Cellular network.
  • "ethernet": Ethernet.
  • "none": No network.
  • "wifi": Wi-Fi.
  • "wimax": WiMax.
  • "other": Other network type.
  • "unknown": Unknown network type.
  • "UNSUPPORTED": The browser does not support getting the network type.


Chrome 61+ is required for this function, and the compatibility is not guaranteed. See Network Information API for details.

Optional OutgoingAvailableBandwidth

OutgoingAvailableBandwidth: string

The estimated available bandwidth for sending the stream, in Kbps.

Optional RTT

RTT: string

RTT (Round-Trip Time) between the SDK and the access node of the SD-RTN, in ms.