Public Attributes

uint uid
int quality
int networkTransportDelay
int jitterBufferDelay
int audioLossRate
int numChannels
int receivedSampleRate
int receivedBitrate
int totalFrozenTime
int frozenRate

Detailed Description

Audio statistics of a remote user

Member Data Documentation

◆ uid

uint agora_gaming_rtc.RemoteAudioStats.uid

User ID of the remote user sending the audio streams.

◆ quality

int agora_gaming_rtc.RemoteAudioStats.quality

Audio quality received by the user.

◆ networkTransportDelay

int agora_gaming_rtc.RemoteAudioStats.networkTransportDelay

Network delay (ms) from the sender to the receiver.

◆ jitterBufferDelay

int agora_gaming_rtc.RemoteAudioStats.jitterBufferDelay

Network delay (ms) from the receiver to the jitter buffer.

◆ audioLossRate

int agora_gaming_rtc.RemoteAudioStats.audioLossRate

The audio frame loss rate in the reported interval.

◆ numChannels

int agora_gaming_rtc.RemoteAudioStats.numChannels

The number of channels.

◆ receivedSampleRate

int agora_gaming_rtc.RemoteAudioStats.receivedSampleRate

The sample rate (Hz) of the received audio stream in the reported interval.

◆ receivedBitrate

int agora_gaming_rtc.RemoteAudioStats.receivedBitrate

The average bitrate (Kbps) of the received audio stream in the reported interval.

◆ totalFrozenTime

int agora_gaming_rtc.RemoteAudioStats.totalFrozenTime

The total freeze time (ms) of the remote audio stream after the remote user joins the channel. In a session, audio freeze occurs when the audio frame loss rate reaches 4%. Agora uses 2 seconds as an audio piece unit to calculate the audio freeze time. The total audio freeze time = The audio freeze number × 2000 ms.

◆ frozenRate

int agora_gaming_rtc.RemoteAudioStats.frozenRate

The total audio freeze time as a percentage (%) of the total time when the audio is available.