rtc_channel library Null safety


The RtcChannel class.
The RtcChannelEvents interface.


ApiCallCallback = void Function(ErrorCode error, String api, String result)
AudioMixingStateCallback = void Function(AudioMixingStateCode state, AudioMixingReason reason)
AudioQualityCallback = void Function(int uid, int quality, int delay, int lost)
AudioRouteCallback = void Function(AudioOutputRouting routing)
AudioVolumeCallback = void Function(List<AudioVolumeInfo> speakers, int totalVolume)
ClientRoleCallback = void Function(ClientRole oldRole, ClientRole newRole)
ConnectionStateCallback = void Function(ConnectionStateType state, ConnectionChangedReason reason)
ElapsedCallback = void Function(int elapsed)
EmptyCallback = void Function()
EnabledCallback = void Function(bool enabled)
ErrorCallback = void Function(ErrorCode err)
FacePositionCallback = void Function(int imageWidth, int imageHeight, List<FacePositionInfo> faces)
FallbackCallback = void Function(bool isFallbackOrRecover)
FallbackWithUidCallback = void Function(int uid, bool isFallbackOrRecover)
LastmileProbeCallback = void Function(LastmileProbeResult result)
LocalAudioStateCallback = void Function(AudioLocalState state, AudioLocalError error)
LocalAudioStatsCallback = void Function(LocalAudioStats stats)
LocalVideoStateCallback = void Function(LocalVideoStreamState localVideoState, LocalVideoStreamError error)
LocalVideoStatsCallback = void Function(LocalVideoStats stats)
MediaRelayEventCallback = void Function(ChannelMediaRelayEvent code)
MediaRelayStateCallback = void Function(ChannelMediaRelayState state, ChannelMediaRelayError code)
MetadataCallback = void Function(String buffer, int uid, int timeStampMs)
NetworkQualityCallback = void Function(NetworkQuality quality)
NetworkQualityWithUidCallback = void Function(int uid, NetworkQuality txQuality, NetworkQuality rxQuality)
NetworkTypeCallback = void Function(NetworkType type)
RectCallback = void Function(Rect rect)
RemoteAudioStateCallback = void Function(int uid, AudioRemoteState state, AudioRemoteStateReason reason, int elapsed)
RemoteAudioStatsCallback = void Function(RemoteAudioStats stats)
RemoteVideoStateCallback = void Function(int uid, VideoRemoteState state, VideoRemoteStateReason reason, int elapsed)
RemoteVideoStatsCallback = void Function(RemoteVideoStats stats)
RtcStatsCallback = void Function(RtcStats stats)
RtmpStreamingEventCallback = void Function(String url, RtmpStreamingEvent eventCode)
RtmpStreamingStateCallback = void Function(String url, RtmpStreamingState state, RtmpStreamingErrorCode errCode)
SoundIdCallback = void Function(int soundId)
StreamInjectedStatusCallback = void Function(String url, int uid, InjectStreamStatus status)
StreamMessageCallback = void Function(int uid, int streamId, String data)
StreamMessageErrorCallback = void Function(int uid, int streamId, ErrorCode error, int missed, int cached)
StreamPublishStateCallback = void Function(String channel, StreamPublishState oldState, StreamPublishState newState, int elapseSinceLastState)
StreamSubscribeStateCallback = void Function(String channel, int uid, StreamSubscribeState oldState, StreamSubscribeState newState, int elapseSinceLastState)
TokenCallback = void Function(String token)
TransportStatsCallback = void Function(int uid, int delay, int lost, int rxKBitRate)
UidCallback = void Function(int uid)
UidWithElapsedAndChannelCallback = void Function(String channel, int uid, int elapsed)
UidWithElapsedCallback = void Function(int uid, int elapsed)
UidWithEnabledCallback = void Function(int uid, bool enabled)
UidWithMutedCallback = void Function(int uid, bool muted)
UploadLogResultCallback = void Function(String requestId, bool success, UploadErrorReason reason)
UrlCallback = void Function(String url)
UrlWithErrorCallback = void Function(String url, ErrorCode error)
UserAccountCallback = void Function(int uid, String userAccount)
UserInfoCallback = void Function(int uid, UserInfo userInfo)
UserOfflineCallback = void Function(int uid, UserOfflineReason reason)
UserSuperResolutionEnabledCallback = void Function(int uid, bool enabled, SuperResolutionStateReason reason)
VideoFrameCallback = void Function(int width, int height, int elapsed)
VideoFrameWithUidCallback = void Function(int uid, int width, int height, int elapsed)
VideoSizeCallback = void Function(int uid, int width, int height, int rotation)
VirtualBackgroundSourceEnabledCallback = void Function(bool enabled, VirtualBackgroundSourceStateReason reason)
WarningCallback = void Function(WarningCode warn)