removePublishStreamUrl method Null safety

Future<void> removePublishStreamUrl(
  1. String url

Removes an RTMP stream from the CDN.

This method removes the CDN streaming URL (added by RtcChannel.addPublishStreamUrl) from a CDN live stream. The SDK reports the result of this method call in the RtcChannelEventHandler.rtmpStreamingStateChanged callback.


  • Ensure that you enable the RTMP Converter service before using this function. See Prerequisites in Push Streams to CDN.
  • This method can only be called by a broadcaster in a ChannelProfile.LiveBroadcasting channel .
  • This method removes only one stream HTTP/HTTPS URL address each time it is called.

Parameter url The CDN streaming URL to be removed. The maximum length of this parameter is 1024 bytes. The URL address must not contain special characters, such as Chinese language characters.


Future<void> removePublishStreamUrl(String url) {
  return _invokeMethod('removePublishStreamUrl', {
    'url': url,