VideoRenderMode enum Null safety

Video display mode.


Adaptive → const VideoRenderMode

This mode is deprecated.

const VideoRenderMode(2)
FILL → const VideoRenderMode

The fill mode. In this mode, the SDK stretches or zooms the video to fill the display window.

const VideoRenderMode(3)
Fit → const VideoRenderMode

Uniformly scale the video until one of its dimension fits the boundary (zoomed to fit). Areas that are not filled due to the disparity in the aspect ratio are filled with black.

const VideoRenderMode(1)
Hidden → const VideoRenderMode

Uniformly scale the video until it fills the visible boundaries (cropped). One dimension of the video may have clipped contents.

const VideoRenderMode(0)
values → const List<VideoRenderMode>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<VideoRenderMode>


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