dimensions property Null safety

VideoDimensions? dimensions
@JsonKey(includeIfNull: false), read / write

The video frame dimensions (px), which is used to specify the video quality and measured by the total number of pixels along a frame's width and height. The default value is 640 × 360. You can customize the dimension, or select from the following list:

  • 120x120
  • 160x120
  • 180x180
  • 240x180
  • 320x180
  • 240x240
  • 320x240
  • 424x240
  • 360x360
  • 480x360
  • 640x360
  • 480x480
  • 640x480
  • 840x480
  • 960x720
  • 1280x720


  • The value of the dimension does not indicate the orientation mode of the output ratio. For how to set the video orientation, see VideoOutputOrientationMode.
  • Whether 720p+ can be supported depends on the device. If the device cannot support 720p, the frame rate will be lower than the one listed in the table.


@JsonKey(includeIfNull: false)
VideoDimensions? dimensions;