VideoEncoderConfiguration class Null safety

Definition of VideoEncoderConfiguration.

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VideoEncoderConfiguration({VideoDimensions? dimensions, VideoFrameRate? frameRate, VideoFrameRate? minFrameRate, int? bitrate, int? minBitrate, VideoOutputOrientationMode? orientationMode, DegradationPreference? degradationPrefer, VideoMirrorMode? mirrorMode})
Constructs a VideoEncoderConfiguration


bitrate int?
Bitrate of the video (Kbps). Refer to the table below and set your bitrate. If you set a bitrate beyond the proper range, the SDK automatically adjusts it to a value within the range. [...]
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degradationPrefer DegradationPreference?
The video encoding degradation preference under limited bandwidth: See DegradationPreference.
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dimensions VideoDimensions?
The video frame dimensions (px), which is used to specify the video quality and measured by the total number of pixels along a frame's width and height. The default value is 640 × 360. You can customize the dimension, or select from the following list: [...]
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frameRate VideoFrameRate?
The video frame rate (fps). The default value is 15. You can either set the frame rate manually or choose from VideoFrameRate. We do not recommend setting this to a value greater than 30.
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minBitrate int?
The minimum encoding bitrate (Kbps). The Agora SDK automatically adjusts the encoding bitrate to adapt to the network conditions. Using a value greater than the default value forces the video encoder to output high-quality images but may cause more packet loss and hence sacrifice the smoothness of the video transmission. That said, unless you have special requirements for image quality, Agora does not recommend changing this value.
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minFrameRate VideoFrameRate?
The minimum video encoder frame rate (fps). The default value is VideoFrameRate.Min (the SDK uses the lowest encoder frame rate).
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mirrorMode VideoMirrorMode?
Sets the mirror mode of the published local video stream. This member only affects the video that the remote user sees. See VideoMirrorMode.
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orientationMode VideoOutputOrientationMode?
The orientation mode. See VideoOutputOrientationMode.
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