UserOfflineReason enum Null safety

Reason for the user being offline.


BecomeAudience → const UserOfflineReason

(LiveBroadcasting only) The client role switched from the host to the audience.

const UserOfflineReason(2)
Dropped → const UserOfflineReason

The SDK timed out and the user dropped offline because no data packet is received within a certain period of time. If a user quits the call and the message is not passed to the SDK (due to an unreliable channel), the SDK assumes the user dropped offline.

const UserOfflineReason(1)
Quit → const UserOfflineReason

The user left the current channel.

const UserOfflineReason(0)
values → const List<UserOfflineReason>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<UserOfflineReason>


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