userMuteVideo property Null safety

UidWithMutedCallback? userMuteVideo
read / write

Occurs when a remote user stops or resumes publishing the video stream.

Deprecated This callback is deprecated. Use the RtcEngineEventHandler.remoteVideoStateChanged callback with the following parameters for the same function:

When a remote user calls muteLocalVideoStream to stop or resume publishing the video stream, the SDK triggers this callback to report the state of the remote user's publishing stream to the local user.

Note This callback can be inaccurate when the number of users in a channel exceeds 17.

The UidWithMutedCallback typedef includes the following parameters:

  • int uid: ID of the remote user.
  • bool muted: Whether the remote user stops publishing the video stream:
    • true: Stop publishing the video stream.
    • false: Publish the video stream.


UidWithMutedCallback? userMuteVideo;