userMuteAudio property Null safety

UidWithMutedCallback? userMuteAudio
read / write

Occurs when a remote user stops/resumes sending the audio stream.

Deprecated Use the RtcEngineEventHandler.remoteAudioStateChanged callback with the following parameters instead:

The SDK triggers this callback when the remote user stops or resumes sending the audio stream by calling the RtcEngine.muteLocalAudioStream method.


  • This callback is invalid when the number of users or broadcasters in the channel exceeds 17.

The UidWithMutedCallback typedef includes the following parameters:

  • int uid: ID of the remote user.
  • bool muted: Whether the remote user's video stream playback pauses/resumes:
    • true: Pause.
    • false: Resume.


UidWithMutedCallback? userMuteAudio;