userEnableLocalVideo property Null safety

UidWithEnabledCallback? userEnableLocalVideo
read / write

Occurs when a remote user enables/disables the local video capture function.

Deprecated This callback is deprecated and replaced by the RtcEngineEventHandler.remoteVideoStateChanged callback with the following parameters:

The SDK triggers this callback when the remote user resumes or stops capturing the video stream by calling the RtcEngine.enableLocalVideo method. This callback is only applicable to the scenario when the remote user only wants to watch the remote video without sending any video stream to the other user.

The UidWithEnabledCallback typedef includes the followinh parameters:

  • int uid: User ID of the remote user.
  • bool enabled: Whether the specific remote user enables/disables the video module:
    • true: Enabled. The remote user can enter a video session.
    • false: Disabled. The remote user can only enter a voice session, and cannot send or receive any video stream.


UidWithEnabledCallback? userEnableLocalVideo;