networkQuality property Null safety

NetworkQualityWithUidCallback? networkQuality
read / write

Reports the last mile network quality of each user in the channel once every two seconds.

Last mile refers to the connection between the local device and Agora's edge server. This callback reports once every two seconds the last mile network conditions of each user in the channel. If a channel includes multiple users, then this callback will be triggered as many times.

The NetworkQualityWithUidCallback typedef includes the following parameters:

  • int uid:User ID. The network quality of the user with this uid is reported. If uid is 0, the local network quality is reported.
  • NetworkQuality txQuality: Uplink transmission quality of the user in terms of the transmission bitrate, packet loss rate, average RTT (Round-Trip Time)and jitter of the uplink network. txQuality is a quality rating helping you understand how well the current uplink network conditions can support the selected VideoEncoderConfiguration. For example, a 1000 Kbps uplink network may be adequate for video frames with a resolution of 680 × 480 and a frame rate of 30 fps, but may be inadequate for resolutions higher than 1280 × 720.
  • NetworkQuality rxQuality: Downlink network quality rating of the user in terms of packet loss rate, average RTT, and jitter of the downlink network.


NetworkQualityWithUidCallback? networkQuality;