localPublishFallbackToAudioOnly property Null safety

FallbackCallback? localPublishFallbackToAudioOnly
read / write

Occurs when the published media stream falls back to an audio-only stream due to poor network conditions or switches back to video stream after the network conditions improve.

If you call RtcEngine.setLocalPublishFallbackOption and set option as StreamFallbackOptions.AudioOnly, this callback is triggered when the locally published stream falls back to audio-only mode due to poor uplink conditions, or when the audio stream switches back to the video after the uplink network condition improves.

The FallbackCallback typedef includes the following parameters:

  • bool isFallbackOrRecover: Whether the published stream fell back to audio-only or switched back to the video: -- true: The published stream fell back to audio-only due to poor network conditions. -- false: The published stream switched back to the video after the network conditions improved.


FallbackCallback? localPublishFallbackToAudioOnly;