firstRemoteVideoDecoded property Null safety

VideoFrameWithUidCallback? firstRemoteVideoDecoded
read / write

Occurs when the first remote video frame is received and decoded.

Deprecated This callback is deprecated. Use VideoRemoteState.Starting or VideoRemoteState.Decoding in the RtcEngineEventHandler.remoteVideoStateChanged callback instead.

This callback is triggered in either of the following scenarios:

  • The remote user joins the channel and sends the video stream.
  • The remote user stops sending the video stream and re-sends it after 15 seconds. Possible reasons include: -- The remote user leaves channel. -- The remote user drops offline. -- The remote user calls the RtcEngine.muteLocalVideoStream method. -- The remote user calls the RtcEngine.disableVideo method.

The VideoFrameWithUidCallback typedef includes the following parameters:

  • int uid: User ID of the remote user sending the video streams.
  • int width: Width (pixels) of the video stream.
  • int height: Height (pixels) of the video stream.
  • int elapsed: Time elapsed (ms) from the local user calling RtcEngine.joinChannel until this callback is triggered.


VideoFrameWithUidCallback? firstRemoteVideoDecoded;